f y f f e   y a c h t s  


 Fyffe Yachts (FY) is a marine architectural firm based in Texas that provides private and commercial services in marine design and consulting to the domestic and international markets. The firm specializes in the design of research vessels and high speed catamarans.

First created in 1985 as a sideline, (FY) answered the requests from the boating public and industry for design work. The research vessel “Susan Hudson” designed by (FY) in 1990 remains in service today in the Duke University Marine Lab fleet. We are proud to announce our latest design, the catamaran research vessel “Apalachee” for Florida State University Coastal Marine Lab, delivered in April 2013. Check out their site at www.marinelab.fsu.edu 

(FY) provides a full range of marine architectural and engineering services from conceptual to preliminary through detailed design. Most projects include 3D modeling, NC lofting and nesting of parts for construction along with regulatory approvals. 

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